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Bursting from the depths of the Middle East, Matricide is an eclectic band influenced by various elements within the heavy metal genre - combining the speed and aggression of Death Metal, the attitude and aesthetics of Hardcore, and the powerful groove and epic melodies you would hear within Nu-metal. Lyrically speaking, the band’s songs explore profound, thought-provoking philosophical and spiritual matters; allowing fans to be drawn in through their ears, eyes, and soul.

The word Matricide is derived from Latin meaning “Mother Murder” - (Matri = Mother; Cide = Murder).

Matricide is a metaphor for what is happening on our Planet Earth. Our mother is Gaia, Mother Earth - she is responsible for the purity and wonders of creation. Murder is reflected in the way that mankind takes these wonders for granted, and systematically destroys them and the planet's natural resources. All these different parts sum up to create Matricide's unique style, sound, and image.

In 2008, Matricide released their debut EP titled “We Are Alive” to great praise. The band executed a well-planned grassroots release that heavily impacted their regional status, giving them a strong foothold within Israel whilst allowing Matricide to expand their presence globally. “We Are Alive” received positive reviews from online magazines all over the world, priming the band for their sophomore release.

In 2013 Matricide put out their first full-length titled “When Random Turns to Fate”. The band took this album to the next level; exploring new musical elements and lyrical direction whilst remaining true to their roots.

The LP was mixed by Daniel Strosberg at the Keoss Studios in Tel Aviv and mastered in California by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Judas Priest, and more). Once released, “When Random Turns to Fate” attributed to extensive international touring and tremendous reviews for the band.

Matricide is well known for its intense live show, energetic stage presence, and charismatic performance; quickly striking a bond with its audience. The group has immense performance experience, sharing the stage in Israel with multiple high-profile bands, including Behemoth and Down. Matricide has also graciously enjoyed playing throughout Europe supporting Orphaned Land, Cryptopsy, Disgorge, Jungle Rot, Klone, and more. Additionally, they have been extended an endorsement and support by Schecter guitars.

In 2022 Matricide released their highly anticipated singles "Walk Into The Flames" & 'Talking to the Walls' from their upcoming 2nd full-length album, followed by a headline tour in the UK.

On March 24th, 2023 Matricide is set to release its 3rd single ‘Obey’ which is by far their most progressive and musical release to date. Current members:

Ran Eliahou - Vocals
Auria Sapir - Guitars
Shahar Guy - Bass
Shaked Furman - Drums

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