Band Biographies: Nautha

Nautha is an Italian psychedelic rock band formed in 2016 in Rome. The core of the line-up is made up of Pierpaolo Cianca (guitar), Antonio Montellanico (vocals, bass, guitar), and Giorgio Pinnen (drums). In 2018 they debuted with the album "Tutti i Colori del Buio" inspired by the Italian progressive rock season of the 70s, mixing doom, metal, psychedelic, and art rock influences.

“Metempsychosis” will be the new album and the second chapter of their sound research, to be released by ARGONAUTA Records in Spring 2023.

Leaving behind the Italian language in favor of English, the roman band changes skin to immerse their sound in a cosmic journey. Seven songs like different "transmigrations of the soul" and interpretations of sound, which each time abandons the formal structures of progress to move towards the experimental sounds of jazz-rock and the galactic voyages of psychedelic kraut.

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