Band Biographies: OMINOUS:EXTANT

OMINOUS:EXTANT is a technical death metal band hailing from San José Costa Rica, started by Erikson, Tony and former guitarist and current mixing engineer Hamid. The band seeks to create something different in a music scene prominently dominated by death and thrash metal. They aspire to position themselves both nationally and internationally with their unique sound and lyrics. The idea was first brought up by Erikson with “Sentient”, and was then given form in a small home studio with Hamid, who added the first solo into the song and a lot of the melodic arrangements. This inspired the band to move forward on the tech-death path creating their second song “Primal Affinity”. Later on Hamid split ways with the band but continued on as the Mixing Engineer. Their sound was consolid when Emanuel and Jesset joined the band, this allowed them to reach new heights with their creativity and finish most of composition. Later on Alejandro joined as the second guitarist finishing the lineup.

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