Band Biographies: Vesuvian

With aggressive melodic riffs and symphonic flourishes reminiscent of traditional Scandinavian groups, Vesuvian is the unification of classic melodic and symphonic death metal, with an enticing dash of power metal. Hailing from Seattle Washington, USA, the band tells us, “Our fantastical story transcends us as individuals and reveals the commonality and complexity of the human experience by exploring topics such as grief, exploitation, and individuality through powerful characters and epic battles.” Vesuvian have been refining their unique take on melodic death metal since 2014 when members from a former project known as The Fabled came together under a different name to realize their vision of developing a soulful and more emotional style than the popular subgenres in the local metal scene. They had their first big moment in 2018 when their music was featured on the local rock /metal radio station 99.9 the Rock on their loud and local / Metal shop show segments, which then launched them into the spotlight to perform with bands such as Allegaeon, Ne Obliviscaris Exodus, and many other national touring acts. After returning from a brief hiatus in 2020, Vesuvian came back in full force with a new lineup, released their EP Devotion to Infinity, and toured the USA. They have since written and recorded their forthcoming LP “Emergence.”

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