Behind The Artworks: The Effigy - Dying Star (Single) (2023)

While creating the artwork for Dying Star, I wanted to keep this sense of balance; a juxtaposition of light and dark. Within that contrast there is chaos. Measured chaos. A kaleidoscope of fragments that carry whispers of the other side.

The song is ultimately about depression and grief, and I think most people who have gone through depression and grief have experienced the cyclical nature of those emotions. I incorporated the lunar cycle to emulate this repetitive experience; going back and forth and back again, reliving the experiences that put us here.

I wanted to include a hint of hope; this idea of breaking the cycle, and so those kaleidoscopic wheels that surround the title text are fragmented and scattered.

The dark and the light are symbiotic; they are only ever found together, in varied quantities, and I really just tried to capture that dichotomy.

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