Behind The Artworks: King Of The Dead - Perdition (2023)

1. Who designed the artwork?

Our unholy compeer Raum Bauer designed the artwork for Perdition. They have started working with us recently and have really tapped into how the cursed ones in King of the Dead visualize the story they are telling.

2. What does the cover artwork represent?

The Perdition art sets the scene for the next part of the King of the Dead story. It takes place seconds after the events of our first EP, The Summoning. We have the familiarity of the city, but everything is now twisted and darker. Through the shapes of the various buildings and lights, you can see the logo for this part of the story, seeing the connection in otherwise unrelated things is a visual representation of the plot threads through different centuries and their meeting at this one moment. The cover is framed with Alexandrian ruins, the juxtaposition between the old and the new represents an ancient dread that permeates through generations.

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