Behind The Artworks: Unchosen Ones - Sorrow Turns To Dust (2023)

This beautiful piece of art was crafted by the artist Abigail Gonzalez.

The ever-frozen figure that stands above the sea of sadness it's the sorrow herself, waiting for decades for something to break the shackles of her miserable fate. But then, the sky turns black, and what it seems to be clouds, are nothing but a pile of ashes, floating in the emptiness as a result of the incinerating woe.

The lady in red will be free at last, because the sorrow will turn to dust.

The technique used in this artwork was a mixture of several layers of oil painting and pencils for detail. The oil painting technique is a very laborious one and time demanding, and therefore, is not a usual style for album artworks nowadays, in the digital era.

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