Behind The Scenes: Starcrazy - Egging Me On (Official Video)

We wanted to keep this video simple and immediate just like the song itself. Our mate Tim, (from the mega awesome band, ASTRODEATH) let us use his rehearsal/studio space in Marrickville for an afternoon. It's a hot summer here in Australia so we all decided to wear shorts, not very rock 'n' roll of us but hey, if Lemmy can pull it off then why not us?

The video is one minute and forty seconds of us rocking out, throwing ourselves around this small space. We filmed some of it at half speed so that when it's sped up, it creates a manic movement effect, which works well with the energy of the song. It was filmed by our talented friend, Micahel Chow who's not only a wizz on the camera, an accomplished musician/songwriter but is ALSO now a regular host on Australia's most loved radio station, Triple J.

I brought an egg to the shoot for the video's final shot where I smashed it on my face!

It was edited by our very own Jack Barratt on bass who's done a smashing job (as he always does).

The video-making process was good fun and I think that positive energy comes across. It was also one of the most cost-effective music videos we've ever done, which suits us right now as it's hard enough covering rent in Sydney, Australia at the moment.

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