Behind The Scenes: Vesssna - Жизнь Взаймы (Official Video)

20 facts about the video "Жизнь Взаймы."

1. Masks of the infernal beasts were made by an Italian designer. For the first time, these characters appeared in 2018 in the "Вспомянувши меня, заплачешь" video. After that, they were reintroduced in "Почти Святая," which was not a sequel and was stylistically different. But the main character was still surrounded by the Fox, the Owl, and the Goat, that time as the musicians. Also, in each video, a mysterious birdwoman appeared in a black crown of feathers.

2. The same crew of animals and birdwoman migrated to the "Life on Loan." Musicians behind the masks are the same. But this is also a separate story, not connected to the previous two. The idea was born when Marianna, Marina (the keyboard player and birdwoman), and their friends were on their way to film parts of "Почти Святая" in a sand pit. They couldn't fit a massive amount of props in a small car, so Marianna had to hold a giant golden kokoshnik in her hands all the way to the set. Marina then joked that they should make a video about the animals riding in a car. And Marianna added that the animals should rob banks and commit all sorts of indecencies. And, occasionally, take a break at a cafe.

3. But back then, there was no single suitable song for which this story would fit. Music and lyrics for "Жизнь Взаймы" began to form closer to the fall of 2019 without this story in mind. But later, these two ideas merged, and it took approximately another year to think over the script with the director.

4. Vesssna always works with the same crew — scriptwriter/director Anastasia Krutova and director of photography Denis Vatavu.

5. Filming took seven days overall. The first two days took place in the city of Tver. Some of the outdoor scenes weren't filmed in time, so they were done later on the sidestreets of Moscow.

6. For this reason, there are two different Mercedes' used. They even slightly differ in color, although there's color correction used. And the number plates had to be retouched and covered with black so that it was not apparent that they were different.

7. Sometimes there are different people behind the Fox mask. For example, in the robbery of a girl scene, this is not Vesssna's guitarist but their friend of the same build. The rest of the animals had no doubles.

8. Anastasia's (the director) mother (an elderly lady whose bag was taken away by the Goat) and her son (one of the cafe visitors) played in the video.

9. The mysterious girl with an uncharitable face, somewhat reminiscent of Wednesday Addams, is Anastasia's neighbor.

10. Keyboardist Marina acts as a fortuneteller or a witch in all videos. Sometimes good, sometimes not so much.

11. Max Sergeyev, who recorded male vocals in this song and performed the role of the Detective, also sings rock with jazz elements in his band Hotel Fiasco and always acts in a similar image at concerts.

12. Anastasia made the design for playing cards and dice, and one of Marianna's guitar students, Eugene, printed them and glued everything by hand.

13. The scenes where the animals play cards and dice were filmed in a photo studio, which was initially almost empty, so the band had to look for, collect and bring all the props there: dishes, jewelry, and paintings. And even purposely buy a cabinet that stands in the background.

14. The picture with apples usually hangs at Marianna's home in her room.

15. The biggest problem was finding the old door to the apartment. It was necessary for the scene where the Detective comes to the "animal house," and Marianne talks to him. By a happy coincidence, one friend of the band at that time helped to make repairs to his acquaintances, and in that apartment, there was an old worn door that hadn't been replaced yet.

16. At the beginning of the clip, the Goat is drinking coffee and reading an article called "Infernal Games" in the newspaper. It's just another coincidence. There was only one black-and-white newspaper on sale, and such a headline came across there.

17. Marianna created the episode where the Owl tries on ties one by one after she had a very long argument with the bassist who played the Owl about the clothes of the animals, and ties in particular.

18. Marianna's hair is naturally very straight, so to create curls, the hair stylist had to curl them for two hours each time. Also, Marianne does not wear dresses and heels in everyday life, so she had to specifically "get used to the character" and learn this.

19. The voice-over at the beginning and end of the video says: "I forgive nothing," and belongs to a friend of the band — the actor who played the lead male role in the "Почти Святая" video.

20. The editing of the video took a very long time, mainly because there was a lot of material and a complex plot that did not want to fit into a 5-minute song. As a result, it had to be artificially lengthened. But even after that, many things were left behind the scenes. Who knows, maybe some storylines will be revealed in some sequel? ;-)

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