Track By Tracks: Diseased Earth - Welcome The Plague Years (2023)

Our album “welcome the plague years” was our response to the global pandemic. We worked hard throughout it to write and release these 7 songs as singles and then bring them together for a compilation album. The artwork was inspired by the ancient plague doctors who treated the dying and dead, looking like human sized carrion vultures.

WTPY opens with “Coven of Leeches” which we felt was a great track to open the album with as it really captures your attention with the riffs. The song itself is about people in positions of power that conspire together to gain more power by any means.

“Upon the funeral pyre” is about the death of any relationship, albeit romantic, friendship, or even people in bands. Sometimes as the song says, you just have to burn it down and walk away.

“The Slug’s Throne” is about the government’s response to the global pandemic and how they left us to fend on our own or just super slow to respond to help anyone other than themselves.

“In a deathless light” is about the death of my father and journey that I experienced dealing with grief.

“New Jack Cocaine binge” is,of course, dedicated to the Late ECW wrestler New Jack. We are all big old school wrestling fans.

“Tearing the Heaven’s Asunder” is another song about dealing with grief and how you would destroy heaven or earth to bring back that one person you lost.

“The Swamp Witch” is about an abusive relationship and how they will use you,basically, as a parasite and leaves you drained and half dead.

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