Track By Tracks: Lenax - Of Greater Forces (2023)

1. Of Greater Forces:

This song is about personal freedom. It is blatantly a message song. One could take it as directly occult-centric or metaphorical, and either way works very well. "Become the cosmic horror you are" in the chorus means that deep inside we are both gods and monsters, and how we wield that identity depends on the decision we make.

2. Inner Dimension:

Speaks to meditation, astral travel, and the very practical sense of knowing who you are in order to manifest your needs and desires.

3. Leeches:

The third track portrays religious zealouts as blood-sucking vampires. Not elegant and powerful like we want vampires to be, but blind and mindless, sapping our energy.

4. Altered States:

The individual is seen as powerful, cunning, and overcoming the devious nature of those would those in powerful places who use that power for ill.

5. Beneath the Chapel:

A song of black magic and revenge.

6. Infection:

The title track is a science fiction and cosmic horror epic. Alien symbiotic invaders infect humanity through a process of forced evolution, giving us the power to travel through space and time.

7. Heresy Aside:

A song of war from the viewpoint of the civilians. The rich and powerful spawning killing machines and ruining lives, and the bravery of those would rise against oppressors

8. R'lyeh:

This song will be written entirely in a constructed Lovecraftian language and will remain untranslated. 9) TBD: Likely a symphonic version of one of the earlier tracks

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