Track By Tracks: Nattsjäl - ...Of Chaos Supreme (2023)

I got the idea for the concept of the album when I read an article about when scientists had recorded what a black hole in the universe sounded like. It was an indeed chaotic terrifying and exciting sound and my mind began wandering about what beings could erupt from such a place. Pierre had also written a text named ...Of chaos supreme, which was a perfect match for that thought. We sent the texts for the songs and some demo recordings to Kris Verwimp an old friend of ours from the Månegarm here who does all our artwork. And then he interpreted it and sent us a proposal. The incorporation of the dying Viking and the valkyrie who brings mercy for him, and the chaos gods in the background perfectly fits the ongoing battle with good and evil, chaos and order, that ultimately defines the realms of the universe's existence we thought.


The song is about a Viking that dies on the battlefield and valkyrie takes him to Valhalla and then he will forever feast on mead and pork and have a jolly good time. Plain and simple haha

Part 1 – The Awakening:

(I'm blood, I'm a spirit, I'm earth.
The Eternal Foundation,
root below, the crown above.
I'm night, I'm day, I've woken up...)

this is about a god or gods that get aware of their own existence. Guess Ill let the text speak for itself.

A viel of sorrow:

Same here it tells the story of a being or several beings/gods with the power to create and/or destroy and leave us all under their veil of sorrow.

Part 2 – Chaos Reborn:

(We pass... we transcend ... transformation.
We are the gods from above, riding in the starry sky.
We are the inhabitants from below, nightmares in your weak minds.
Gods among gods, slaves among slaves...
A worshipped dark divine supremacy,
With empires at our feet, we are chaos reborn.)

The story continues Ultra stellar beings with no concern for feeble little minds in human form. The bringers of chaos and nightmares

...Of chaos supreme:

Same here really...The gods and their impact on our subconscious little week minds. them waking up and rising again as a Fenix reborn bringing their new world order for all of us to "enjoy" haha.

Höstmåne (autumn moon):

A little bedtime story/song about the creatures and different beings of nature preparing to leave the forests and lands dancing and covering away before the winter comes.

Part 3 – The Chaosweaver:

(From nocturnal realms
Through eons of sleep
Reborn from the madness of man
The weaver of chaos
The seer of doom
Light becomes dark
And day becomes night
When the pale moon
And ravens clouds the sun
Time has come to an end
For the weaver is nigh)

Once again let the text speak for itself...

The chaosweaver is nigh but maybe it's not the last time we will have an acquaintance with him? The future will tell.

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