Track By Tracks: Sun Raven - Liberation (2023)

1. Through The Darkness:

This is the beginning of the journey a journey of facing inner and outer fears, preparing for battle. 

2. Aegis:

This is the battle. Aegis, meaning shield, is there to protect you against the enemy. 

3. Searching:

This battle is over and there is quiet reflection. 

4. Phaedo:

Transcending from one plane of existence to another. 

5. Gauntlet:

A test of strength and fortitude. Do you have what it takes? 

6. Forgotten Lore:

Being taught the forgotten lore.

7. Regenerate:

Rising from the ashes and being reborn.

8. Sojourn:

Resting before the final process. 

9. Liberation:

Completing the journey and becoming liberated.

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