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Overhead is a Progressive Rock band whose successful releases and live performances around Europe have catapulted the band to the top of the Finnish prog hierarchy. Overhead has played at festivals in Germany, France, the UK, Italy, etc. sharing the stage with bands like Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets, Spock's Beard, Anathema, Threshold, and Tangerine Dream.

After a set of critically acclaimed albums, Overhead is now back with its long-awaited double studio album Telepathic Minds!

Telepathic Minds is musically Overhead's strongest album so far, featuring progressive and aural landscapes and long epic tracks with strong melodies, groovy riffs, and catchy choruses. Lyrically the album inevitably deals with the recent events and crises that the world has been facing.

Overhead was formed in 1999 and released a trilogy of studio albums: Zumanthum (2002), Metaepitome (2005), and And We're Not Here After All (2008). The works, released by the French Musea, received excellent reviews, radio play, and recognition around the globe. The success of the albums led to the band touring in rock clubs and prog festivals around Europe.

The follow-up release Of Sun and Moon (2012) widened the band's sound even further. The album was followed by more live dates and Overhead performed at festivals in the UK (Summer's End) and in Italy (Veruno Prog Fest) for the first time.

The fifth studio album Haydenspark (2018) was a successful return to the more progressive style and it was very well received by fans and critics alike and followed by more live dates around Europe.

Reaching the band's 20-year mark in 2019, Overhead was the first Finnish band ever to play at Europe's biggest progressive rock festival Night of the Prog held at the legendary Loreley Amphitheatre in Germany.

During the pandemic, Overhead continued writing and recording their new album, and in the midst of recording taking the opportunity to play at the Artrock festival in Germany. Having finished the recording the band returned to France in late 2022 to play at the festivals Crescendo and Prog en Beauce.

And now with much anticipation by the fans, Overhead released their magnum opus: a double album Telepathic Minds, sounding better than ever!

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