Behind The Tracks: Pressure - All The Things (Single) (2023)

"All The Things" was written to reflect on the uncompromising urge that passion and yearning can inflict. When you meet someone and your mind tells you one thing, your heart also wants you to slow down but your body needs something else. Forbidden? Bad? no, just the urge that makes you do all those things, both good and bad, that bring life and meaning and passion to your life, because what would life be without some danger, a little naughty, a little dirty, and some good experiences? "All The Things" will help you take a leap into some new and exciting experiences. Let’s live life on the dangerous side a bit!
We want people to remember that its always worth to take a chance. You will be able to live a full life. And even if the outcome is not what you expected you can say you have done that, tried and learned a lot!
All the things is combining a lot of different influences and musi styles. It has a happy and sexy sound and the chours is easy to sing a long with.
Check out our video that we did for the song

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