Track By Tracks: HEEZER - Sungrinder (2023)

1. Fourth Line:

One time our bass player Antti said that he would play in Heezer no matter even if we started playing jazz or funk. I took that as a challenge so the next time we were practicing I had this song with it's funk like verse riff. Lyrics are about having fun with friends and beer. Fourth Line is a street in Helsinki where one of my friend lived and that was were the action was.

2. Spacegod:

When we started writing songs for the album I bought a new fuzz pedal, Stonefly Effects Grizzly Fuzz. I plugged it in and the first thing I played was the opening riff to this song. Didn't change a thing on it. Just thought "that was easy. What a great fucking pedal!". The chorus of this song was originally part of another song that was supposed to be the "spine" of the album but finally found it's home here. Lyrics are very loosely based on the movie Gravity.

3. 2009:

We were getting close to starting recording the album when we realized that we could use one more song. Glad we did because 2009 was the end result. The lyrics are an ode to my twenties and the guys from "Fourth Line".

4. Dream Machine:

There were endless variations of this song until the verse vocal melody came to my mind while driving to work. After that, the song came together fairly easily and Ville added that cool guitar lead to make it perfect. A simple rock song that originally had a lot of variations and progressive elements. A while back I listened to one of those early versions and was embarrassed by how shit it was. Truly awful.

5. Sunshine:

Antti had this song pretty early and we just needed to make a few small tweaks to it. A killer riff that is really fun to play and a great jam part as well. Lyrics are a view of social media and the vanity of humans.

6. Red Giant:

The working title was "Doom" and that's what it is. A great few riffs that Ville had ready and we just built the song from there. Playing it again and again trying to figure out where to go next. One of my favorite songs to play live for sure.

7. Mother Rain:

Second to the last song written for the album. Great verse and cudos to Tommi Hämäläinen for adding all those background noises in just the right spots on that spacey instrumental part. The lyrics are about a cashier we were sure was a junkie. Hope she's doing just fine.

8. Growing On:

One of the first songs we wrote for the album. Took us a while to get it together and had to practice it quite a lot so that we play it tight. The middle part has my favorite riff on the album and some great drumming by Häsä.

9. I The Sun:

This one had a working title "Epic" and it still fits the song. Big chorus and a great instrumental ending. Ville plays that great solo that lasts for days. Great way to finish off the album. The chorus was originally part of the first song we played together so it's cool that it made it to the album. Also awesome vocal harmonies from one the best singers there is, Dr.Heikki Pöyhiä.

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