Track By Tracks: Lunar - The Illusionist (2023)

Lyrically this album tells the story of a magician that questions his entire life’s work. He’s spent his entire life devoting himself to his craft and now he questions if it was worth it. I think this is a concept many people can relate to, especially those of us that have careers in some kind of artistic field. We often question what we’re doing in life to pursue our dreams. Musically the album goes through many stages as the character does on this journey of himself. There are songs that are angry, songs that are confused, songs that are depressed, and everywhere in between.

Track by Track:

1. Prestidigitation:

This song is the most intense instrumental the band has ever done. It’s meant to set the stage for the variety of feelings you’re going to have throughout the show to come.

2. The Illusionist:

The title track is meant to really introduce the character and tell us about who he is and what he does. Musically I think this helps us experience some of the constant changes of feelings about who he is and questioning himself.

3. Showtime:

This song is the hype of him about to go out and perform, even when he doesn’t want to and what he has to do to make that happen. Musically I wanted something high-energy, so it’s a bit more power metal inspired.

4. Worship The Sun:

This track has our title character questioning why people worship or look up to him, or any performer for what they do. Questioning not only himself but his fanbase. This song is very Egyptian sounding musically. This one was written by Balmore.

5. Turn Off The World:

This song starts the character's feelings of depression, just wanting the world to “turn off” and shut it all down. Musically I feel like this one is the most “accessible” to people as it has some more of the pop vibes throughout the progressive metal song. Definitely has a catchy chorus, in my opinion.

6. Disassembled: 

Another song really diving into the depression feeling. Feeling life is falling apart, questioning every decision he’s ever made and why people have supported him in what he’s done. This song has some electronic kind of vibes. Very inspired by Lunatic Soul for this one.

7. Juggling Chainsaws:

his song brings the character into feeling as if he’s completely lost control. Constantly trying to juggle the chainsaws of life and keep them all in the air without something terrible happening. It’s very chaotic, technical, and probably the proggiest and heaviest song of the album (maybe even the craziest song we’ve ever done). You can definitely hear the Dream Theater and Haken influence in this song.

8. For My Next Trick:

Another instrumental song. This one is very serene. Very centered around bass as a lot of this one was written by Ryan Price. A calm before and after the storm. After his mind has calmed down he has an idea for one last epic trick to pull and finally feels a sense of peace.

9. Now You See Me…:

The closing track to the album brings forward the idea of the previous track; our main character's final trick. An epic show where he disappears forever. Did he perform this successfully or did he epically fail? Was he meant to disappear forever? Is he even still alive? Was he a master of his craft and this was his plan to disappear and know peace? Do we mourn him or celebrate him? The world may never know.

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