Track By Tracks: Necronomicon Ex Mortis - Necronomicon Ex Mortis (2023)

1. Celestial Tomb:

Celestial Tomb is a Gothenburg-style rager with lyrics inspired by the lore of the Bloodborne Chalice Dungeons. The goal of the song was to encapsulate the Swedish melodic death metal style but with a few modern twists.
2. Earth Cancer:

Earth Cancer was my attempt to do a more American-style mid-tempo death metal song. The lyrics are about an Angry god cursing the world with overpopulation.
3. Nocturnal:

Nocturnal is a collection of thrash riffs I had written, with the intention of creating a semi-stream-of-consciousness structure to the song with very few repeating riffs. lyrically, it’s about murdering teenagers at a summer camp.

4. The Burning:

The Burning is the most musically ambitious track on the EP, featuring a number of key changes and guitar solos. Lyrically, the song re-tells the story of the 1981 film “The Burning”

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