Track By Tracks: Tumble - Lady Cadaver (2023)

Liam Deak (Guitarist/Vocalist of Tumble): The two tracks on the EP were both recorded in a single day with Ian Blurton at ProGold Studio. We all have a lot of admiration and respect for Ian and being fans of him, we were thrilled to get into his studio and work with him. We went in to cut the single (Lady Cadaver) and ended up cutting a second track (The Plague) which were both recorded live off the floor, with no-click tracks.
"Lady Cadaver" carries the whole theme of tripping out in a graveyard and channeling this weight-bearing spirit which dwells a heavy amount of fear and suffering, but also awe and curiosity. As Hunter Thompson said, “Never turn your back on Fear. It should always be in front of you, like a thing that might have to be killed.”
"The Plague" is an instrumental song that kind of just wrote itself after we found the main riff, and it always just seemed to work without any lyrics so we kept it that way. It has a real uptempo groove and it’s always one of our favorites to play live.

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