Band Biographies: BÖNE

BÖNE is a Heavy Metal/Thrash Metal band from Austin TX that was conceived in 2017 by former Powderburn guitar player Eric Anthony and former Cerbral Desecration Bassist Ethan Wissmann. Being only mediocrely talented, they needed the likes of some other fools that would be willing to fill in the slots of drums and vocals. Insert former Fear Control drummer Stan Petraitis, his heavy-hitting drums would help pound all listeners into submission. Vocals would be taken by former Trauma Concept guitarist and vocalist John Jones, the ginger with an appetite for buttholes and sauerkraut. Realizing they weren't getting enough chicks, they found local music teacher Derek Halfmann, formerly of Superheavygoatass, wandering the halls of a local music school and soon employed him to shred those sweet bendy solos. Together, they formed an ok band whose main goal is to make your taint feel funny and make your girlfriend run in fear. Together, they are BÖNE.

BÖNE is:

John Jones - Vocals
Ethan Wissmann - Bass/Vocals
Derek Halfmann - Guitar
Eric Anthony - Guitar
Stan Petraitis - Drums

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