Band Biographies: Englomanatic Glitch

Englomanatic Glitch (EG) was founded in London by a group of University students as a dissertation project. Diving head first into the exploration of electronic music and combining it with heavier and more familiar psychedelic and stoner genres, EG started to unravel and evolve its gravelly gritty sound, self-proclaimed as “electro rock”.

The lyrical themes consist of substance abuse, sexual experiences, altered states of consciousness, and the transformation of one's disposition once night falls. With the latest single “Outcome of the Break” being well received, 2023 is looking to be the band’s biggest year yet with the release of new tracks and the debut of music videos shot by the masterful production company “Fell From Neverland”.

With the first video “Wretched Palace” being very well received, EG is continuing the story into their world with the next installment “Tribulations in May”, out now.

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