Band Biographies: Even In Death

Established in 2013, E.I.D hails from San Antonio, Texas, and storms the front line with bone-crushing riffs and powerful grooves, tackling subject matter which takes the listener through an aural journey of fury and aggression. These well-established musicians have a range of musical influences including progressive metal, groove metal, and a hint of metalcore, resulting in a satisfying dose of face-melting metal.

Led by veteran frontman Sean Nations, a fixture on the Texas Metal scene for years and has been a member of several acts that have toured both regionally and nationally. Sean brings a dynamic presence to Even in Death both on and off stage with his powerful vocal style and charismatic persona.

The guitar duties are handled by the duo lead guitar attack of Anthony Carrillo and James Garza both of whom besides showing off their guitar wizardry have energetic stage presence and unique guitar styles that complement each other well. Anthony Carrillo also brings the added experience of having toured various acts both nationally and internationally.

Driving the band and bringing the thunder for the rhythm section is bassist Anthony Aleman and Drummer Frankie Diaz Deleon. Anthony, a veteran of the Texas music scene has toured regionally and nationally with various acts and is a dynamic bassist who brings non-stop energy to the stage as well as strong backup vocals for the band. Frankie, an incredible drummer, brings both fury and passion to the band with an aggressive style of drumming that drives the band and gives that little bit of an extra edge to the music.

E.I.D. is a Louder Freakuency Recordings Artist managed by Damnations Management Group.

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