Band Biographies: Natal Cleft

Natal Cleft was spawned at the University of the Philippines in Cebu City and plays technical progressive death metal with a unique spin on the genre. Natal Cleft's international exposure started when we made it to the top 1 in metal charts worldwide at Signmeto Roadrunner Records. The label described Natal Cleft as "Some seriously evil shit from the Philippines." The group has been featured in international tv networks, magazines, radio, and web stations.

The album Particles Of Hate is currently the album of the year according to Metal Pedia (international media based in Mexico). The album is colossal, perfectly blending devastation and rage with complexity and virtuosity, achieving a rather unique sound. Particles Of Hate is set for release worldwide via Sliptrick Records in 2023.

Natal Cleft are:

Atan Elias – Strings 
Zeekevil – Throat 
Lowboat – Low end 
Den2 Moga – Sticks

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