Band Biographies: Radioactive Pineapple

An emerging skate/pop punk band from Helsinki, Finland with catchy choruses and lyrics dealing with mental health, Radioactive Pineapple was formed in 2014 in the deep woods of Nuuksio. They are heavily influenced by the California punk scene by bands such as Blink 182, NOFX, Green Day, and Alkaline Trio.

The lineup has changed a lot over the years, but despite the hardships and changes they kept on going strong. They released their first EP "Horses Wearing Horses" (2018) with only two members in the band at the time, Ozzie vocalist/guitarist and Thoubi drummer. After the release some time passed before they found a suitable bass player candidate, but managed to make the band whole again by inviting Jake to the band. They went on to make the album "YES!" (2022) completely DIY. Their story still continues now with the additional guitarist Johnsson, only now with much more motivation and drive than ever before.

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