Band Biographies: SUPERLYNX

Superlynx is a three piece band from Oslo, Norway formed in 2013. The band exceeds genres with their distinct sound and melts heavy psychedelic rock, doom, meditative atmospheres and droning riffs together. After releasing their third album Electric Temple and Solstice EP and playing some great gigs and festivals in 2021, the band went back in the studio and are now ready with their fourth full length album.

This coming release also sees Superlynx moving on from the Norwegian label Dark Essence to Italian label Argonauta Records. All of Superlynx ́s releases have received wonderful reviews and ended up on many best of the year lists. They have been known to write songs that are dealing with heavy personal emotions but always turned towards light, love, nature and the magic joy of music itself.

Superlynx loves playing live and have developed a reputation as a great live band delivering powerful and atmospheric shows. Through their gigs around Norway and abroad the band has made their mark as a heavy and hypnotic live band with sincere, intense and explosive expressions. Superlynx have played festivals like Høstsabbat, Hellbotn, Inferno Festival, Midgardsblot, Pstereo, Musikkfest Oslo, 360 Festival, Oslo Beikmørke etc. The trio have also shared stages with bands like Weedeater, Sabbath Assembly, Gold, Chrch, Fister, The Wounded Kings, Grave Pleasures, Virus, Sâver, Order, The Moth, Funeral, Narcosatanicos and many more.

In 2023 Superlynx will celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band with releasing new music, a new additional live member and returning to the stage.


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