Behind The Artworks: Dr. Schafausen - How Can You Die? (2023)

Paolo Massagli (comic designer):

Paolo Massagli is a comic artist on the edge of the Underground scene. He has published O.Z and Alice Nel Paese Degli Orrori. In 2017, he wrote and illustrated the special issue of the cult series The Cannibal Family for Inkiostro Edizioni. At Lucca Comics 2018, he presented his comic "Come un Insetto" (Hollow Press), which earned him a nomination for best Italian solo author at the Treviso Comic Book Festival. In 2021, he released the graphic novel Oscura Ossessione, written by Gianfranco Staltari (Cut-Up Publishing), and a short story for Gryyym, a dark fantasy anthology volume with great international authors. In 2022, he published the comic Mini Fiabe e altre storie (Cut-Up Publishing) and various covers for books and records. He is currently working on various projects.

Paolo Massagli is a talented comic book artist and music enthusiast. With great care and dedication, he created every single drawing in the album booklet, trying to express the essence of what Dr. Schafausen wanted to convey through his music. The colors he uses are dark and claustrophobic, perfectly representing the atmosphere created by the musician.

Each song has its own drawing that tries to best represent the theme of the story being told. For example, among the various drawings, there is one in particular that represents Dr. Schafausen's son, Niccolò (also a great talent in the world of music and comics). The drawing is titled "Comet" and shows Niccolò gazing at the stars, like a true protagonist of the story.

Ultimately, Paolo Massagli masterfully combined his passion for comics and his great admiration for Dr. Schafausen's music, creating a unique work of art.

Music and comics can be a great combination, as they both allow for creative expression and storytelling. Comics can provide a visual representation of a song's lyrics or tell a story inspired by the music, while music can enhance the emotional impact of a comic or provide a soundtrack to accompany it.

Overall, the combination of music and comics allows for a unique and immersive artistic experience that can appeal to a wide range of audiences.

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