Behind The Artworks: The Funeral March - Persephone (2023)

For this release, since we had gone in a different direction in the music production space, (lineup changes, mixing and mastering engineers, etc) I wanted the graphic design to reflect that as well.

With that in mind, I started thinking about, perhaps having a different artist provide the cover art for the EP. The list of people quite frankly was very short… It pretty much started and ended with Greg Rolfes. I reached out to talk to him a little bit about it and he graciously offered me some different options from his impressive portfolio, and when I first saw the image… I knew that it was the one!

For me, it definitely evokes that classic 4AD graphic design style that you got with bands like the Cocteau Twins and Clan of Xymox for their early releases, yet still had a modern feel to it.

With the Greek goddess Persephone being our “muse” for this record. I felt that this image reflects the cold, desolate time when she is in the underworld, while also invoking the sadness and isolated feeling of our recent past.

Many many thanks again to Greg for letting us use this image for the EP!

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