Behind The Tracks: HELLIGATORS - Disgrace (Single) (2023)

The song is an angst-ridden outburst towards all those people, institutions, mentalities, and situations that only represent all the negative, corrupt, dishonest, and dirty bullshit that happens in the day-to-day lives that sometimes makes us want to just F*CK SH*T UP! Rather than call for violence, it is a direct and unfiltered unveiling of these realities. A desire to defeat them through exposure. Because violence…is for losers! Watch here:

In a desire to capture the true energy and primordial spirit of rock n’ roll, the band decided to record the song live, playing together at the same time. As if they were jamming in their rehearsal space in Rome. This was made possible thanks to the amazing work done by Danilo Silvestri of Rome’s Funhouse Studios.

The video that accompanies the song captures the ironic and light-hearted attitude that has always characterized the band and that finds the Helli-guys applying their very own and personal torture methods to an absolutely helpless victim, totally incapable of any opposition.

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