Behind The Tracks: Once In A While - Nihilist (Single) (2023)

Our new single ‘Nihilist’ is a reflection on the sensational and emotional implications of living in an increasingly ‘plastic’ reality like today’s” says the band “However, this is our vision of the song, the listener will be free to interpret the lyrics and emotions it produces. Unlike our past releases, ‘Nihilist’ is a more direct and sharp song. We put a lot of effort into the search for sounds and production, to create a sense of coherence and power that this song deserved. The song from its beginning to its end, musically reproduces the emotions described above. The neurotic and percussive riffs leave room for a melancholic, but more introspective chorus. We feel very satisfied with the final product, it clearly represents our musical mink and the entire project itself. This single is a further step forward in a still long path, which takes time and maturity. Each release is a challenge to ourselves, which leads us to constant improvement. Perhaps there will be some other challenge waiting for us, much earlier than expected.

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