Behind The Tracks: Violet Blend - My Head Is Broken (Single) (2023)

"My Head is Broken" is about all those moments when you felt wrong, unfit, so damaged that you can't be fixed. The song embraces feeling over numbness and the fear of being happy, it portrays a mechanical world where the mind is just a gear and the feelings just lines of code. When you feel empty, dizzy, confused, like you’re sleeping with your eyes open and you blame yourself for not being able to wake up. Sometimes I feel like a broken machine that no one is going to fix, and this song is about it. Sometimes I wonder why I couldn't just live my life and make normal things like everyone else does, it makes me believe there's something broken inside me that causes things not to work out. There are days when I find myself staring into space, without the strength to be able to think, thoughts get confused and a sense of guilt crushes me, leaving me helpless.

It's like my head is broken, inside something breaks and can't be fixed, outside everything seems to be fine, because the deepest wounds are never visible on the surface.

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