Track By Tracks: Karman Line - Like A Machine (2023)

1. Bridges of Neptune:

This song is about working in an environment you feel like you don’t belong in and making the decision to break free and instead choose to do what makes you happy. In this case, it was about pursuing music over a corporate career.

2. King of the Day:

Based on a 7AM talk with a random person at an after-party, King of the Day was written about finding comfort in strangers in conversations one might not usually have in other normal situations. Sometimes, those are the most freeing.


The third track on the album, BIOTB, is about dealing with the next day’s mental repercussions of a heavy night out, but still managing to function, and sometimes even perform better than you would have if you hadn’t gone out the night before.

4. Karman Line:

This track is about Albert II, the monkey NASA sent to space in 1949. The ‘Karman Line’ by definition is ‘an attempt to define the boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space. This was the boundary that Albert II crossed, making him the first mammal, and monkey, in space.

5. Colourblind:

Colourblind is actually the first song we ever wrote as a band. This song is about a colourblind record producer we used to know. He helped a lot of upcoming bands find their sound and, unfortunately, had to leave the country almost overnight with a lot of unfinished business.

6. Loose on the Weekend:

Loose on the Weekend is probably the funkiest song on the record. Life can be stressful and everyone’s going through their kind of frustrations. This song talks about the universal truth of looking forward to letting loose on the weekend after a hectic week.

7. Something in the Water:

This song was written about an acid trip one of the band members had after accidentally ingesting 2 full tabs that were being shared between friends in a water bottle. This song recounts his trip as he tried to stay in control and save himself from his wandering mind.

8. Seven:

Seven, also the seventh track on the record, is about the struggle of being an original rock musician in the Middle East. It’s about not losing focus on the big picture, trucking on and making the most of what you have at present.

9. Rubicon:

Rubicon is one of the heavy hitters on the record. This song is based on a real cyber hacker who scammed and stole hundreds of millions of people. The song was written while he was still on the run, however, he was caught just over a year ago.

10. Revelations:

The last track on the record, Revelations is about the wonder and fascination that comes with looking out into the stars at night, knowing there’s so much that we don’t realize or can’t even comprehend about distant space or what exists further than our knowledge.

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