Track By Tracks: Midjungards - From Scandza (2023)

1. Intro:

In our war background, two of the most important historical documents written about the goths are cited. The first one comes from Guta Saga and speaks about the beginning of the migration of the Goths from Gotland. The second one comes from the chroniques of Alfonso III, where it mentions the word said by Pelayo before the Battle of Covadonga mentioned clearly "the restoration of the army of the Goths".

2. Hordes Of Hate:

This song could be taken in general for any people that have been oppressed by a huge power and finally, get their revenge. In particular, tries to reflect the feeling of the Goths taking part in the sack of Rome.

3. Dark Streets:

Speaks about feelings when walking in the night of any city with old buildings and the connection that we can feel between our personal problems and our ancestry.

4. Still Here:

It is a song dedicated to the people that are forced to leave their homeland and exiled, but with time able to be back and get their revenge. In this case, Goth can be applied to some situations during their history.

5. From Scandza To Covadonga:

Talks about the full journey of the Goths from its origin in Scandinavia until the beginning of the reconquest of the Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo in the Battle of Covadonga.

6. Hidden Fatality:

Speaks about the battle in which the descendants of the Goths reconquer the old capital of the kingdom.

7. The day after:

Describe the situation created after losing the kingdom because of the invasion.

8. Entering history:

Speaks about the situation that the Visigoths were facing before they finally decide to Sack Rome.

9. Sons of Gaut:

The Goths were considered descendants of Gaut. Gaut is also considered one of the names that Odin had. The initial reason for the Goths to exist and continue their journey was their ancestry with Gaut.

10. Fire Storm:

Describes an apocalyptic war.

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