Track By Tracks: Pronostic - Chaotic Upheaval (2023)

1. Indefinite Continuity:

The opening track had to be very enigmatic and put you in a trance. It helps to create this surprise effect when you first hear the orchestra, something that we never did before and it's a game changer. Most of the songs are inspired by many styles and rhythms, and this is why we felt it would be a great opening to this album.

2. Massive Disillusion:

The song has such a good start and then pushes you into a nice flow. We have some nice chorus and smooth blues solos. We added some ''gang bang'' vocals which makes it easy to bring the crowd to sing along. Our talented and good friend, Morane Chabot introduced himself for the first time on a record with his guitar solo.

So many people with great talent, hiding in the shadows. I think the blues solo added a new color to the kind of people we are today and what a great feeling that underground music started to add saxophone. It gives a sexy, charming, and poetic vibe to the song. It helps to define where we are right now.

3.Conclusion Impromptue:

We explored so many new varieties on this album, a path that we never dared to explore before. The fear of the unknown was a big part of it. This song starts strong and then transports you to a questioning session. We wanted to create that kind of feeling in reference to suicide because it's the theme of this song. The different tempo between the strong beginning and the slow, deadly end, represents our vision of a suicide. In this one, there's a lot of connection with the lyrics, the burden of suffering, and the lightness of letting go. Definitively there was a lot of inspiration from Beaudelaire in these lyrics. There is a lot of heaviness and odd scale choices, in the beginning, to finally bring a more uplifting melody and lead in the second half. The first half is a negative reflection of the other.

4. Concealed Parasite:

The theme of this one is cancer which you already know, it won't be a smooth one. We wanted to talk about the real deal of fighting against the disease and express some feelings that people can relate to. But at the same time, we wanted to bring something strong to help fight against it. We have introduced several solos in collaboration with many talented artists from the metal scene to create an army to defeat this dreadful disease. We wanted to let people who are affected by the illness know that they are never alone and to help them put their strongest energies into never giving up despite the difficult times if they want to see happiness in the end.


So many powerful and strong emotions are represented at the beginning of the album. To help the album breathe halfway through, we decided to do something a little bit more relaxing. Time for Wave, is a melodic song with a nice build-up, straightforward riffs complimented by bass melodies, rich in clean metal and epicness. Sometimes, you have to take a step back to move forward and this is what this song is all about.

6. Bare and Wretched:

Let's go back into hell diving through some deep personal emotions. When you are surrounded by your inner demons and you can't control them. The psychedelic intro with dark voices lets you know immediately that someone is trying to share a message with everyone. We created death metal chords accompanied by a mix of low and high-pitch vocals to express deep feelings that will make you fall to your knees, surrounded by every emotion that you can possibly go through. We feel that blending both intense riffs and smoother parts is the best way to bring the audience's feelings out.

The solo is composed of eight bending notes referring to someone that gives you a phone call and the tapping moment brings you to when you feel your brain is going to explode. The intense vibrations of the drums at the end of this song transport you exactly to this feeling when you are in your shower, bare and wretched.

7. L'Impureté Globale:

Brutal drums and intense metal guitar reinforced by a build-up of orchestra bring you an epic introduction to this one. We wanted to deliver a strong message about one of the biggest issues of our time which is pollution.

We wanted to introduce a slow and open space right after the tornado to let the fretless bass shine. There is definitely a lot of Beyond Creation inspiration for this one. We wanted to introduce some bass melodies with a more progressive approach.

Pronostic is a band that originated in Montreal so for the very first time we decided to introduce some French songs in our album.

We wanted to do something new inspired by critical subjects and here is the result.

8. Drained by Remorse:

Nice and catchy lead intro for a good happy journey. An intense high pitch scream and double bass drum were at the event. Bass tapping contributes to an extraordinary mix of different flavors in the guitar punch. An original lead solo filled with emotions completed by some rhythmic drums. You can notice different tempos giving you the impression that you are on a roller coaster of feelings. We could not have asked for a better ending, when all the instruments are together in a breakdown motion, encouraging the audience to bang their heads.

9. The Pure Celestial Being:

And now, you have arrived at the despoiler lake. A dark color sound hypnotizes the post-traumatic brain, leading into the frosty waters. After a disturbing ensemble of crashing music, the boat reaches the bottom of the abyss. The pressure has been released and now it is time for freedom. After being abused and overwhelmed, the Phoenix rises from the ashes stronger and more determined. He returns for a final battle against his betrayer and shall have no mercy.

10. Abstract Entity:

Almost a dead silence but you can hear the dead voices in the back. You have finally reached the kingdom of Satan. Influenced by Dimmu Borgir, this song directly references something demonic. Something that has brainwashed most of the population in the entire world. This one is about cell phones. The dark beginning is followed by some intense blast beats on the drums and by a disoriented bass attitude. Blackened metal joined the party.

The groovy part shares the ambiance with telephone interference showing that the line has now been shut down, leaving space for the next call, the one for a better world. Let yourself be carried away by the call of real life with our smooth drum part that will set you free of this abstract entity.

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