Track By Tracks: SOVEREIGN COUNCIL - World On Fire (2023)

1. World On Fire:

The lyrics are about making tough life-altering decisions and having to leave everything behind. Musically, it hits hard with heavy dynamics but is also very melodic.

2. The Wait:

These lyrics are about recovering from heartbreak and waiting to be saved by a knight in shining armor. Musically there are hints of power metal with driving guitars and drums.

3. Aberration:

This is a song about dealing with inner demons and feeling as if you are lost in a dark world of your own. Musically it has dark synth throughout and heavy-hitting guitars and drums.

4. Breathe:

This is a sexy song about being consumed by the longing for someone. Musically it is a slower-paced melodic song but still delivers heavy elements.

5. Of The Ashes:

This song is a lyrical analogy for fighting for yourself, talking yourself through an internal war, and having the courage to fight for what you deserve. Musically it is one of our more technical songs. Utilizing double kick and down-picked guitars.

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