Band Biographies: Ancestral Blood

Some of Ancestral Blood's earliest music was created in the Mid Late 90s by founder Charles Lucia, better known as Verigo of the Black Metal band Vesterian. In 2003 the first lineup was formed in Charlotte NC consisting of Vesterian members but ended after its drummer left to pursue his occupational career. The band was later reformed in 2006 consisting of a new Vesterian drummer but also came to an end due to circumstances. Unable to find a drummer, the band was placed on hold for many years. But the creation of its music never stopped.

In 2016 a consistent lineup was finally created in Charlotte NC with Vesterian's live drummer Void which brought Ancestral Blood's rebirth. Ancestral Blood performed its first show spring of 2017 as a 2 piece and the band received high praise from the audience. In the spring of 2019, Vocalist Circe joined Ancestral Blood full time and by the fall of 2019, the band performed its first major festival. The band page received commentaries from fans regarding the magic and atmosphere of the sound and how it was done with only 1 guitar. Shortly after live videos of this performance were posted on its band page.

Ancestral Blood entered the studio in 2021 to record its 1st full-length "Forgotten Myths and Legends - Chapter 1. New bass player Hepar joins the band full-time just after the recording was complete.

In 2022 while the album was being mixed, Ancestral Blood released its first Single entitled "Through the Enchanted Forest of Illusions," The Single contained an exclusive mix separate from the album, and was used for the promotion of its coming album.

Jan 2023 Ancestral Blood gets news about a great record deal from Italian label Wormholedeath. The band officially signed with them late in late February. The band is now working on videos while preparing to record Forgotten Myths and Legends - Chapter 2. Ancestral Blood has performed live with Vesterian, Darkmoon Warrior, Thornspawn, Empty, Sekhmet, Maledictvs, Tyranny Enthroned, Order of Leviathan, and much more. Ancestral Blood's quest is to bring back Magical Arts from the Old World to create Black Metal music for today

Members and Role

Verigo - All Music - Guitars/Leads/Bass/Keys/Lyrics/Male Spoken Parts/Back Up Screams
Circe - Harsh Vocals/Female Voices and Spoken Parts
Void - Drums


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