Band Biographies: Brain For The Masses

Brain for the Masses is a Metal band from Portugal, characterized by a diverse and versatile sound. Since their first gigs in 2016, the intense mix of contrasts in their songs has gathered strong reactions from concert goers. After spending some time touring across their home country, the band stepped away from the spotlights to work on their debut, felling with was time for a worthy release. Brain for the Masses hit the studio on October of 2019, set to release the album in the next year. 2020 came and with it whispers of a new virus that was terrorizing the east. Not long after, the world went into lockdown and suddenly we were amidst a pandemic. In the face of an uncertain future the group decided to postpone the release of their debut to an even more uncertain date. Two years have since passed, the pandemic didn´t went away entirely but people seem to be moving on and a certain sense of normality has returned. After a global event that surely will not be forgotten, the band’s debut album “Monachopsis” was finally released on November 23 2022. Not bound by genre definitions, the five piece band challenge themselves with each composition, expanding their expressive possibilities and bringing character into their creations. From violent guitars to smooth acoustic riffs, their will to explore different musical contexts results in an explosion of nuances and textures that Brain for the Masses use to birth life into their sound.

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