Band Biographies: Dreamslain

Founded in 2010 by Igor Jakobsen and Daniel Paulsen Figenschou, Dreamslain’s line-up was completed in 2013 with the addition of Anna Loppacher. The trio’s debut EP, Tales of War, was initially unleashed in 2016, and subsequently remixed and re-released two years later. Dreamslain ventured into the live scene early in their career and have performed in Switzerland, at the 40th anniversary of the record shop Old Town Record Store in Luzern in 2016, in Sweden, and their home, Norway. Since 2016 the trio have performed numerous shows at Norwegian venues including performances with Circus Maximus in Tromsø in 2018, and Bergen along with Vulture Industries in 2021. Dreamslain’s first full-length album, Tales of Knights and Distant Worlds, released as a double album on CD, was unveiled in January of 2021 and saw the metallers expand their reach to new lands.

Dreamslain weave powerful messages through their art. Lyrically they explore historical and political events bringing to light the injustice in our world. They also journey into fantasy realms seeking to explore the human condition through different creative spaces. Whether based on fantasy or reality, Dreamslain conveys its core message of fighting for justice and the right for all to have fulfilling lives with powerful music.

“Blending epic metal with prog rock, Dreamslain are a unique proposition for listeners who like a bit of head-banging but with a bit more complexity to it.” - Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life


Igor Jakobsen – lead, rhythm, 12 string, classical and bass guitars, banjo, vocals Anna Loppacher – piano, Hammond organ, synthesizers, and bass pedals 
Daniel Paulsen Figenschou – Drums

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