Band Biographies: May We Meet Again

May We Meet Again are a New England-based metalcore outfit who are looking to make their mark on the heavy music scene they grew up loving. Composed of Tyler Fay (vocals), James Reda (guitar), Thomas Jones (bass), and Tay Manesis (drums), the four-piece delicately balance ferocious instrumentals and intricate lyricism as well as any of the modern metal staples.

Described as "brutal, yet beautiful" and already being compared to the likes of "Bring Me The Horizon and Invent Animate," May We Meet Again are on the fast track to success in the heavy music world. With two singles - "Lost In Time" and "Wallflower" - under their belt, the band is impressively setting the stage for the release of their debut EP Words Unspoken, which is slated for release in Spring 2023.

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