Band Biographies: Overman

Overman is creating its own unique blend of post-rock, stoner-rock, pop, and jazz. You may call it "over rock" if you like because there are no limits for the Overmen. You can find compact and mushrooming psychedelic trips, deeply melancholic pieces, or even pure dadaism-influenced jazz passages.

In Overman, multi-instrumentalist Jan-Marc Ivers has joined forces with old companions Hauke Drews on bass guitar and Christoph Wollmann (Nuisance of Majority) on vocals. The 3-piece outfit from Northern Germany has been active since 2022 and their first album It Is All Overman will be released via Sliptrick Records in 2023.

More collaborations and new outputs are to be expected soon as their journey has just started's far from being "all over, man"!

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