Behind The Scenes: Manumiso - Falsa Historia (Oficial Video)

“Falsa historia” (“Fake story”) it’s the second single of Manumiso (Chilean Rock band) and also the band’s second video clip, it was directed by Cristián Bastias AKA “Piercing” and Luciano Mora. The main idea of this production is to share the energy of the musicians in his performance. Show the audience how they interact with each other.

Using a constant movement camera, direct messages on screen, and violent glitches, our objective is to keep the entire attention of the viewer and give the adrenaline that the song has on it .

It took a big space to make this kind of art display, that’s the reason why we looked for a theater, and luckily the people from Maipu’s culture office gave us the chance to use that great spot.

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