Behind The Tracks: Elm Tree Circle - Bae (Single) (2023)

Get ready for a journey packed with this self-deprecating humor that hits close to home for anyone who's ever felt inadequate in matters of the heart. In a catchy and clever way, the lyrics lay bare the struggles of imposter syndrome and the fear of not measuring up. With a touch of humor and a dash of vulnerability, the singer admits to being a total weirdo and doubts their ability to even be in the same league as their crush. It's like watching a quirky rom-com unfold as they stumble over their words, feeling beneath the object of their affection. The song cleverly compares their dynamic to a tree and its leaves, acknowledging the power imbalance. But amidst the self-doubt, there's a longing to overcome their fears and take a chance. The chorus kicks in with a catchy rhythm, highlighting how this potential partner is way too hot for them. It's a powerplay dilemma—do they walk away or take the risk? The song perfectly captures that feeling of disbelief when someone so amazing actually shows interest on a Saturday night. The second verse takes a humorous twist, as the singer realizes that it’s crush likes "freaks," but he can't help but question their own worthiness. He even envision hitting the streets together, only to make themselves look like fools in comparison. With every line, this song embraces the bittersweet reality of feeling like prey instead of a worthy contender. So, get ready to bop your head, laugh, and relate as you immerse yourself in this infectious and relatable tune that's sure to leave you singing along.

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