Behind The Tracks: From Eden To Exile - To The Blade (Single) (2023)

Northamptonshire-based metal outfit From Eden To Exile are set to unleash their latest single "To The Blade" on June 23rd, accompanied by a music video on the same day. The upcoming release promises to be an epic downtuned thrash influenced metalcore track that showcases the band's songwriting prowess alongside a deeper social commentary on the issue of knife crime.

"To The Blade" tackles the tragic issue of knife crime, which has sadly affected many areas in the UK lately, including the band's hometown of Northampton. The band decided to shed light on the issue after yet another young loss of life made local headlines recently.

The single was produced by Stu McKay of Studio 6 (Malevolence, Dyscarnate, Ingested) and mastered by Fredrik Nordström, known for his work with bands such as Bring Me The Horizon and Architects.

"To The Blade" is a frantic and brooding hard-hitting track with many stops along the way that showcases the band's well-honed musicianship and technical prowess. With production and mastering by Stu McKay and Fredrik Nordström respectively, the single promises to have the production values to match the sheer heaviness contained within the song.

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