Behind The Tracks: Lost Dogs Of Ultimo - Identity (Single) (2023)

Lost Dogs Of Ultimo have a new release that came out on the 8th of May it is an X-Ray Specs song titled Identity.

We recorded this track to celebrate Polystyrene as an Artist and inspirational vocalist.

Polystyrene tragically died from breast cancer on 25th April 2011 aged 53 A few months ago Lost Dogs Of Ultimo approached Phaedra Gunn vocalist for Madam Nightingale a Melbourne-based performer to come into the studio for a project I was working on to celebrate some amazing artists that inspired Me on My journey as an Artist and Musician.

The result on this track was incredible with the energy and creative expression Madam Nightingale brought to the studio on that day was amazing.

A fantastic vocal arrangement was laid down and Madam Nightingale put on an incredible studio performance as The Punk Princess that she is.

The track Identity we recorded is different from the original in that it has a Punk Ska and Reggae texture to it but the energy was captured and the Lyrics are just as relevant today as they were in 1977.

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