Track By Tracks: THE 6IX GVNG - Black Magic & Trap Houses (2023)

1. You Shoulda Learned ft. Boizee:

This song is the oldest song on the EP, it was actually made years before the release for a completely different project called “The 6ixtape”. When that project got scrapped we started working on new songs but kept coming back to this song. We would toy around with it and add and remove things, change the hook etc. We made a lot of new music but this song has always had such a different vibe than the rest of the music that we make that it feels like it “sticks out” but in a good way. Boizee is a former member of the record label we were a part of “6ix5ive6ix Records” and it was really great for us to feature him on the project with us. Our producer “Flawd” composed the music for this song (and the rest of the EP) and really gave us something different to work with compared to anything else on the EP.

2. Talk To The Devil:

Talk To The Devil started as a demo made by Dilyrium. When he made the first recording of it, it had a completely different chorus than what is on it now. It started as a song called “nocturnal” and it was just 1 of so many demos we had. When we started to add members of the group to the song we decided it needed a new chorus so we could add everyone to the song. Tommie started to write the hook and got the first part down and then said “NOW YOU CAN TALK TO THE DEVIL” and he just kept repeating that, it was almost a joke “NOW YOU CAN TALK TO THE DEVIL NOW YOU CAN TALK TO THE DEVIL'' but instantly every one got excited about hyped up about it and immediately ran to the studio to lay the new hook down. It was the first song we made a video out of and it quickly set the tone for the group. It's so cool to have fans chanting “NOW YOU CAN TALK TO THE DEVIL'' back at us at live shows. Lots of people think this is a song about praising Satan, but that's open for interpretation. It could also be about killing evil men and sending them to hell. It's up to you. Oh and a fun side story about this song is that if you listen closely FLAWD sampled a girl in a porno say “Oh Harder…” and placed it throughout the beat, go ahead and listen close.

3. Razors ft. HVZE:

I wish we had a longer deeper explanation for this song like the first two, but we really wanted to feature our label mate HVZE on the song. HVZE is who we call the “Godfather of Deathtrap” and who helped shape our sound. So we really taylored this song to match his style. Drugs, The Devil & Trap Houses really sum up the guts of this twisted melody of evil. If you have ever thought about overdosing in a dark room, this might be the soundtrack for you.

4. Carbine (Smoke):

Carbine (Smoke) has a really cool story attached to it. We were on our first tour post covid-19 with Twiztid & Blaze from Majik Ninja Ent. We had a huge 3 story AirBNB in Philly that felt like we were on the hip hop version of “The Real World”. The next day we were on stage at the “Too Many Games'' Video game convention but had nothing to do the night before. Spacey always travels with a mobile version of his studio and sets it up in the dining room. Dilyrium stayed up with Spacey while everyone else was asleep and put the chorus and his verse together. We all woke up to what we knew was a “banger” and immediately said this has to go on the EP. As the song evolved later on and Spacey and Kartoon added verses, we decided to have Tommie add in some screams as well. At this point in recording only Dilyirum had been laying down recorded screams so this was the first time we tested Tommie doing it. It was like it unlocked another layer to our sound and became the best way for us to close out every live set we do.

5. PIG:

This might be the group's favorite song on the project. It's for sure the one we like doing live the most because it always breaks a mosh pit out even in the smallest and most reserved crowds. This was another demo that Dilyrium had started and it had a slightly different chorus than it does now. When we started to work on this song and add the other members we really knew we had something special. A Lot of times we make songs and we can always say to each other “You killed this song” or “The hook makes this song” but this one was one of those rare moments where every single member brought something A+ to the table and gave the song a really different sound. There is a “bridge” that is so creepy right before the hook drops that we thought about writing something for but it felt so right that when the verse ends it just falls into this creepy drop with nothing being said. When we do it live, it gives us a chance to hype the crowd up to make a pit. The video for this song is what we consider our favorite video to date and was filmed by James Joyce in the “13th World Fright Park” in Massachusetts and gave the video such a “movie” feel. When people ask us the question “Why did you call it PIG” the answer is so simple “That's what FLAWD called the beat when he sent it to us, and we never changed it……..the song doesn't even talk about pork once…..”

6. Bringin It (remix) ft. Derek Obscura:

This is a remix of “Bringing It To Your Door” that was featured on Dilyriums solo album “Chemically Balanced”. He released that album right before COVID-19 and it was always the best way for us to close his solo shows. It was really hype and ended with us saying “PEACE” which seemed fitting to close the show. When we started to put together the earlier sets of the group, we figured we would just do his song to end our shows to keep that rowdy ending to our sets. Then we decided we should “remix” it and add the other members of the group so it wasn't just a Dilyrium solo. Tommie does the hook instead of Dilyrium and we all split versus plus we added the screams to the chorus. This was cool but what really made the song was when we were on tour with Twiztid and we became friends with their guitar player Derek Obscura (also known for playing in Davey Suicide) and he laid down all of the guitars on the track and made it a true “remix” and changed the vibe of the song completely. This song has now become our “encore” song and gives the crowd one more chance to mosh. The video was filmed on the “Certified Psychos” tour in the fall with Twiztid, Blaze & ABK at the Worcester Palladium and the Webster Theater and gives our fans a behind the scenes look of what it's like to be on tour with us.

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