Track By Tracks: Ofnus - Time Held Me Grey And Dying (2023)

1. Burned By The Soul Of The Moon:

This track is really about the personification of the moon as an allegory for our sorrows. The moon is beautiful in its isolation, and perhaps, so is our sorrow. There's an element of finding some familial comfort in misery.

2. The Endless Grey:

This song was inspired by the Welsh coastline, especially down at Southerndown Beach and Dunraven Castle. Inspiration for this track was derived from our vocalist, sat on the rocks looking out at the horizon and, in a brief moment of solace, dreaming of the future.

3. Fading Dreams:

This song is about the jealousy we feel when we wake up. That desire to return to the dream world and the escapism that we feel when there, versus the repetitive monotony associated with the rat race that we wake up to.

4. Grains of Sand:

Time flows like sand, the age old simile. This song is about the passage of time, how it slips away slowly like grains of sand sifting through your fingers, and how we all return to those sands of time one day, often before we even know it.


Inspired by the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by John Koenig, Exulansis is "The tendency to give up trying to talk about an experience because people are unable to relate to it...”. It’s a fascinating book that we endorse and has no doubt been a source of inspiration for a number of bands, either in name or for song ideas.


This song is about the heavy burdens we face, how they weigh on you, and them echoing constantly in our minds, again and again. A reminder that when you’re spiraling, you can easily facilitate your own downfall as you relive undesirable memories, events, or circumstances that you’d sooner forget.

7. A Thousand Lifetimes:

This explores guilt, foolishness, and how the steps we tread affect countless others. It is about accepting the simplicity of life. Acceptance is finality. Our drummer wrote these lyrics over a long period of time on days where he felt true despondency. Grief sometimes strikes like waves and dealing with it can sometimes be dealt with seeing the simplicity in life and accepting this fact.

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