Track By Tracks: OneFromTheNorth - Regime, Salvation & The Pyre (2023)

1. Church Burner:

A few years ago, there were church burnings all over Canada. More than a thousand graves were found at the catholic church and church school areas in different places and due to this many churches were burned down. The victims were indigenous people, mostly 7 to 15 years old children. Many of the survivors were sexually abused by priests and also hunger and disease were normal in these places.

Too many times this same group, priest and church, are in the headlines when it comes to sexual abuse of children and many other horrible actions. We can regularly read from the news about priests and churches doing these crimes worldwide; it seems that nothing is enough for them. When there is a Church, there is also blood.


The song is a metaphor. The story is about a patient who is unable to move and gets beaten every day by narcissistic and violent nurses. The patient is sitting in a chair, and the body is not working anymore, but the mind is clear and understands what is happening. The patient is tied and locked in the darkroom for a night, and the next day the beating and violence start again. The only time to escape and let the mind free is when the night comes, the beating stops, and the lights are off.

Now imagine this to the toxic workplace, narcissistic boss or a partner, high individual expectations, and if you lose, you will be nothing. This is real life and happens to many people - every day.

3. Despised by Love:

Mystic night-time song is full of lust, passion, playing, and enjoyment - but also a song about love and how it is avoiding you. It doesn’t matter if you give the whole of yourself, all the cards to the table, the love in the end avoids you and it is killing all the emotions. So, no high hopes about the future - “emotions will be dead in the dawn of a new day”.

4. Regime, Salvation & the Pyre:

The song Regime, Salvation & the Pyre is about trust, government, and control. There is a small area of power between people and governments that holds up our societies. When enough power is given to one party or leader, they will take advantage of total control, and when one gets enough power, it will not abdicate it and does everything possible to keep it.

The world is full of examples of totalitarianism and where it leads when enough power is given, and total control is in government hands. People get raped and murdered, intentionally starved to death, and their life is full of mental violence - just to keep the leash tight and people in fear. This is what it has been, occurs today, and will occur in the future. 

Self-deception -

5. A Slave to Self-deception:

The song is about stress and the life we have created for ourselves. It feels like we need all this; huge house loans, life habits and the theatre we need to hold up to show how we succeed in life. One word - Self-deception. You know what you have created and cannot hide the loans, stress, work place, etc. If you have tight situation and afraid to lose everything, you are in a carousel when you put away the lights and close your eyes. But this is not only about that you have created this for yourself. The society where we live in creates this around us, and you are only part of the game.

6. Blood Covered Pigeon:

Slava Ukraini! Many Russian soldiers, boys, were directed to the war, and some of these soldiers, did not even know where they were going, how long it takes, and what will happen. Well, we saw that death happened. Sons of Mother Russia were sent to war, the sons their mothers and the country were supposed to take care of, sent to death to a war that is not needed, a war that is totally unnecessary, and a waste of the whole generation.

7. Pariah of Reality / King of Fantasy:

We have all seen that guy who is avoiding people, just there to do enough, and then fades away. Lonely guy without friends, that guy at the school who is always silent and not making noise of himself. The guy is not living this reality at all but in the digital world, he is the king and the hero. Some of us are not living this reality but a digital one through games, and digital societies. Within those societies, they are the ones who are number one and can be the king of the battle. In some cases they have failed real-life society with all the pressure, and so on. Some of us are not fit to this puzzle we are living in but the need to be something still exists and nowadays through the digital world it is possible to be someone, somewhere in another world.

8. Silence and Me:

War is around us and in Finland, most of the people have their personal touch to it. Finland went to war against Soviet Union back in the day so our grandfathers were there as well. The war holds many stories and so do we as a nation. The men who came back from the war were totally broken; physically but also mentally. These men were not the same anymore as they were before the war. Mental injuries were seen and some of these people couldn’t enjoy basic happy things anymore. They were living in the war still.

The song is about loneliness, great happy things in front of you but you cannot be part of it. It is out of your reach - you can watch and dream out but you’ll never be part of it. You will not be in the lights, you can only see them from the shadows in the distance.

9. Under the White Phosphorus Rain:

Sometimes life and your own goals are out of your reach. You push yourself but it is not enough and it feels like you’re burning alive. Everything you have done and sacrificed is like a lost card game which leads to depression. When you feel that you have done something right and pushed yourself you’ll notice that you are there all by yourself, alone. When you still keep doing and see everything positive, the scene is like you’re dancing under fire rain. You’re burning but still smiling and running towards the goal even the all the signs tells you that you’d need to stop.

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