Track By Tracks: Paroxysmal - Force Feeder (2023)

1. Awaiting Eruption:

Those moments leading up to bad decisions, where you are lucid enough to see it coming, but too detached to do anything about it.

2. Ageless/Deathless:

An exploration into immortality, and existence without the tethers of the living.

3. Inner Absence:

The emotional limbo when you have been depleted of your humanity.

4. Moments of Clarity and Insignificance:

Those brief, beautiful moments when you see life for what it is, and understand everything is for nothing, and thus no action is absolutely needed on your part.

5. Elucidating Countless Voices:

The internal dialogue that becomes internal arguing, that becomes a knock down drag out brawl, inside your head.

6. Hurled Endlessly into the Black:

Life casts you headlong into the abyss, at times; this is a song about those times.

7. Force Feeder:

The time consumed, the energy wasted by the things we believe to be worthy of our time and energy.

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