Track By Tracks: Prophecy - Twisted Reality (2018)

Twisted Reality is a very politically-themed record. At the time I was just inspired to write lyrics about things happening around me that I hate. Here is a track-by-track description and story behind the artwork for Breathing The Core Zine! Enjoy!

1. New World Order:

A bit of a conspiracy theory thing, as the title of the songs already indicates. I think that nowadays we live in a world in which certain so-called ‘’conspiracy theories’’ are closer to the truth than we could ever believe… The shortest lyrics on the record - sometimes you can say a lot in two verses…

2. Twisted Reality:

Obviously, this is the title track. This song just embodies everything that this record is, both musically and lyrically. Everyone can strongly relate to these lyrics, that’s for sure!

3. System of Slavery:

My analysis and criticism of today’s educational system and everything that comes after…

4. Condemned to Insanity:

This song is about these situations where we are so stressed out and pissed off at certain things that it almost feels like we’re going insane!

5. The Silent Oppressor:

This song is about dictatorship, the inspiration comes from communist dictatorship, and more specifically I got the inspiration for it from the Bulgarian communist leader Todor Zhivkov - as many know I am Bulgarian… Anyway, that’s the guy who right after the Chernobyl disaster said to his surrounding ‘’we’ll stay quiet about it’’. Next thing you know, millions of kids were outside under radioactive rain…

6. Profit Fanatics:

Another one that’s very obvious from the title - this one is about these people whose only joy in life is collecting banknotes…

7. Fatal Beliefs:

Criticism on religion

8. World Disassembly:

The end of the world…and of the record…ha!

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