Band Biographies: Fathom Farewell

Fathom Farewell brings depth to the rock/metal genre beyond the confines of its articulate instrumentation and vocal presence.   Addressing topics from humanity and its relationships to the grave consequences human nature causes our world, frontman Alex Cohen demands through his delivery that each listener lend a close ear and a willingness toward self-reflection.  This fiery passion results in a refined rock act with the potential to be the voice of change, but with the live thrill and precision of a modern heavy metal act.  In conjunction with exceptional work ethic and persistence, it's no wonder the band has swiftly made a name for itself throughout New England, having earned the opportunities to support Sevendust's 20th anniversary tour, along with area dates with Issues, The Devil Wears Prada, Volumes, I Prevail, Currents, and many more.  The band has also performed four times at the Vans Warped Tour in MA since forming in 2014, three times at New England Metal and Hardcore Festival, and made appearances at Rock and Shock Festival.  Following the release of the 2019 "Consume The Earth" EP, the band has accrued over 100k streams across spotify and apple music.  Bolstered by recent additions to the new completed lineup and with upcoming new material produced by Chris Piquette (Trophy Wives/Riviera) including their latest song “Vitriol”, Fathom Farewell aims to support this release with vigorous touring and marketing in hopes of carrying awareness of its message to the rest of its home country and eventually to the world, as all of "this planet is our home".

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