Behind The Scenes: Dead Fields Of Woolwich - I’ve Made It To Hell (Official Video)

When it came to making the video for I've Made It To Hell I reached out to my go camera man Travis Tiernay who's worked with bands like In The Act Of Violence, Balmain, and The Therapists. As with all my videos I like to play the part of director and come up with the overall concept for the video. A lot of these ideas come to me in dreams or pre-sleep states where my mind can wander freely. For this video, the first thing that came to me was just a pair of legs just walking aimlessly through a strange and unfamiliar land which I would later connect to a purgatory state between worlds. From there I was able to start storyboarding the video and filling in some gaps. For this particular track, I wanted a very isolating and hellish feel for a majority of the shots and I got that by utilizing lots of smoke from a mix of a smoke machine and blowing into a vape backward of all things. The red and blue lights were used to give off the feeling of being all alone in a personal hell. The second set of vocal shots was done on a local trail at night. I borrowed a bit from Greek mythology for this with the lamp being carried much like Charon, the induvial who basically escorts you through hell. As for the walking shots, I used a large empty field behind my workplace, seeing it almost every day I knew it could be used for something interesting and artistic. My goal there was to create an ethereal-looking purgatory, the barbed wire idea actually came from a photo I had seen of the visual representation of chronic pain sufferers but I felt it really added to the aesthetic I was going for. One thing I did not consider when doing the outdoor filming, especially any night shots, was the sheer amount of bugs and mosquitoes we get in Northern Ontario. We all left that day absolutely covered in bites. My vocalist Alyssa got the absolute worst of it though since she was doing vocal shots in the woods at night and couldn’t really shoo away any bugs and you can even see some flying around in the shots. Overall I think Travis and I were able to capture the isolated and lonesome feeling I was trying to convey. This is definitely a video I'm proud of but I'm also looking forward to seeing what other twisted creations I can concoct in the near future.

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